With an educational background in traditional art as well as graphic design, I’ve been working full time in the visual effects industry since 2001. Having started out working on TV commercials and broadcast branding, I’ve primarily worked in feature film VFX since 2004, spending time in studios on both sides of the Atlantic and the Equator, before settling in England in 2006.

To date, I have worked on more commercials than I care to remember, almost 50 feature films and several TV series, having contributed everything from modelling, texturing, lookdev and lighting to various shows; however, since 2006 I have focused primarily on surfacing. I enjoy work which is both challenging and creative, and am happy working as a member of a team as well as a lead. My background in generalist roles means I have a solid understanding of much of the asset side of production.

Outside of VFX, I do a lot of music-related photography professionally, particularly of live performances of rock and metal bands. Please follow the link at the top right for my photography site.

On a non-work related note, I love music, cats, hiking and just generally being outdoors, art, travelling (especially around Northern Europe), reading, oil and acrylic painting and printmaking, video games, and films, especially old classics.

Please note that I generally do not take on freelance work. I also do not work “for exposure” – with almost two decades in my field, I don’t need it, nor can I pay my mortgage with it. Sorry!

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